Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pictures of Your Kids


I'll probably never be that guy that pulls out pictures of my kids to anyone with the faintest interest.

However - I already am that guy that does so with shoes. Something that I imagine my close knit group of loved ones to be very excited about.

For example: Yesterday when Matt was hard at work, getting ready to start his weekend, he was probably very relieved to get this picture message from me:
They match my wiener dog!!

They're my new Matt-inspired shoes. Black and camel pikolinos that pretty much feel like your walking around on a cloud made of buttery leather.

And this? Is why people don't like to give their phone number out . . .


  1. VERY cute! Shoes like that make colder weather worth it!!
    Oh, who am I kidding the cold weather still sucks... but at least you have cute shoes to rock in the winter!!!

  2. I agree with Ana! I keep looking for something.. but nothing appears.....