Monday, June 28, 2010

I Scream for Ice Cream

Foods that I love unconditionally:
Home-Run Pie
Cheeseburgers & Fries
Iced Florentines (Technically, it's a drink - but I'm pretty sure I survived on them from 2001-2003)
All forms of delicious ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, etc.

Today? I was introduced to a delightful subspecies from the ice cream world.

Delicious Frozen Greek Yogurt.

I pigged down as much pomegranate blackberry frozen greek yogurt as I could stuff in my cheek at one time. That's the good news. The bad news is that I spent the rest of my day chasing the FroYo dragon.

I tried to take my mind off of my new addiction by watching "Under the Tuscan Sun".

It is an AMAZING movie. Possibly one of my favorites. (I'm watching it for a third time as I type.) (Are you sensing an obsessive streak to my personality?) (It's all in your head.)

That's the good news.

The bad news is that there is a character in it named Katherine who has a love for ice cream that she displays on camera several times. One scene even revolves around her ice creamy affair.

It's like trying to quit smoking and EVERYONE around you seems to, not only be smoking, but loving the shit out of it!

To get my mind off of it I needed to call someone to talk me down. My topic of conversation? How tremendous this movie is.

I almost called my sister - who used to live near where the movie takes place. I knew she'd just gloat so I opted to call my friend Lindsey - who has spent enough time in Italy to know the streets of Florence and Rome better than I know the streets of Denver.

I gushed about the movie. She informed me of how she hasn't seen it out of protest for how touristy Cortona has become since the release of Francis Mayes' memoir. I think I convinced her to netflix it.

Then I made the mistake of asking her what she was up to . . .

Well, she had ordered several things from the market, like blueberries and rhubarb, and she was now going to put them to use. In ice cream form. That bitch is making her own ice cream.

THEN she was telling me about how it could be a habit after just returning from Rome where she had gelato on a non-stop basis.

Right about now is when I started fantasizing about a scenario in the future.

In my fantasy I'm speaking on the phone to Lindsey when suddenly she goes into renal failure.

What do I do? Hook myself up to dialysis and describe it to her in detail. I'd throw in comments like "I don't even need it - but what the heck." or my favorite "God! My blood feels so filtered and clean!"

Lindsey started telling me that her ice cream was turning out "disgusting". Then she told me that she had just said that for my benefit and it actually looked DELICIOUS. This? Is totally defeating the point.

Lindsey is kind of a big bitch.

So I made her stay on the phone while I walked down the street and made her help me pick out what flavor of frozen yogurt to get.


  1. Yuuuuum! Where did you go?! Let's not forget that twice daily trips to the local gelateria? Are the reason I came home in a completely spandex ensemble.

  2. Haha! But what a valid reason! If I ever live in Italy I have no doubt that I'll come back wearing stretch jewelry.

    I went to Maiberry on Pearl Street in Boulder with Josh - or as I've been secretly referring to him - the pusher man.

  3. Note to self: DO NOT READ AT WORK. I have the bad habit bursting into loud laughter inappropriate for the conservative, morgue-like office with 30 foot ceilings. Whoopsie.

  4. God... If I had known I would start such a fanatic craving for dairy products I would NEVER have taken you to MaiBerry on Pearl Street in Boulder (A wonderful new FroYo[their cute version of Frozen Yogurt] shop that makes froyo out of non-fat Greek yogurt, for those of you who don't know yet. I'm SOOOOO terribly sorry.

    However, I'm glad you liked "Under the Tuscan Sun"! It's fabulous. And now you know why I love the saying "Lots of Ladybugs". ::sigh::

    Right now I need lots of ladybugs. My life feels like a veritable volcano ready to explode over something pretty, demolishing an entire civilization (which would be the characters in my head) and freezing time for several years before the slightest inkling of life decides to poke through the ruins.

    I need yogurt/ice cream now... Dammit!

  5. Ana... You're quickly becoming a favorite. Keep reading at work...

  6. Chad, it's never a good idea to ignore when the universe is trying to tell you something; you did the right thing by getting ice cream! and i seriously think home made ice cream is the best (childhood experiment gone awesome!) cuz you can make it as creamy and fatty as you want!! Personally, i'm a huge fan of rainbow sherbert. And thank you for blogging again! i was about to get on your ass cuz i needed a laugh at work!