Friday, August 20, 2010

Things Matt Doesn't Want Me to Share: Part 1

See what happens Chelsea? When you decide to have a wedding with an open bar. Look at iiiiittt.

This? Is Wine-drunk with a hot tub.

Yes, Matt and I are wearing matching trunks that are meant, not for adult men, but for fat children.
Yes, we look like Reese's Pieces with bad farmer's tans.
Yes, Zahra is wet because we pulled her into the hot tub with her clothes on.
Finally, YES - I realize I need to go to the gym.

Despite the fact that Matt will probably slap me in public after publishing a picture where he thinks he looks "squishy" - its not as bad as what Zahra would do if I posted the other hot tub picture where you can totally see her taint.

So . . . remember this the next time you think it would be fun to have a wedding Chelsea!


  1. While I am relived to see that picture (how bad is that?!?!)... I am mortified that you would even make mention of this other said "picture".

    Great wedding Chelsea!!!

    Interesting hot tub time CHAD!!!!

  2. Oh, and to be clear just because I said I needed a preggo test after dancing with you was that I also haven't gotten any in awhile. We'll talk in nine months. ha.