Monday, August 30, 2010

August 2010

The gracious thing for me to do would be to wipe my brow, turn to August, and say Well done, summer month. Well done.

However, being less than gracious I'm more apt to tongue kiss September on the mouth, while looking over it's shoulder at August just long enough to give it the bird.

August was busy.

1 car show
1 death in my immediate family
1 wedding in my immediate family
(with subsequently - 2 wildly awkward extended family get-togethers)
3 birthdays (1 penis cake)
1 scientific article submitted for publication
1 poem written about my joyous smile (Yay! go read it at
2 endangered species I mated (my very first time mating anything on the IUPC endangered species list!)
2 chunks of cancer cookie cutter-ed out of me (The stitches are driving me nuts)
3 times I completely exposed myself in front of someone in a completely non-sexual way
1 time was Matt, so it doesn't count (because he enjoyed it)
4 phrases i learned in Czech
1 conversation I had in German

You know, now that I look back - August was kind of awesome! (And warm!)

Oh, August. I can never stay mad at you. (February, on the other hand? Can suck my balls)

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