Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun with lists!

Hi all! it's been a while since I've blogged, and I've leaned heavily on Chad to keep all the gaps filled-in, but I just started a new job, which brings me to my list of today: jobs I have held...

1. Carnie
2. Grocery boy
3. Applebee's host
4. Grocery night stalker
5. Warehouseman
6. Tire buster
7. Real estate admin
8. Barista (thanks to you Chad)
9. Car salesman
10. Barista at Braun's bar and grill
11. Sam's Club - gas station attendant, electronics sales, and tire busting
12. Sofa Mart - warehouse, routing delivery trucks and delivery driver
13. Race car parts fabricator
14. High-end sculpture awards fabricator
15. Orthodontic Product Designer
16. Real estate admin (calling all those who were in foreclosure)
17. Freelance designer/fabricator
18. Home Depot flooring associate
19. Master Artist at a mannequin manufacturer
20. Warranty department lead

I also have done my fair share of freelance fabrication and repair, and I also helped fix and flip a house. And I suppose you could count 'musician' in there somewhere...

What you got for job lists?


  1. FUN!! I love!
    Lets see my job history . . .

    1. Ace Hardware Paint Department manager
    2. Eagle Hardware floor associate
    3. Walgreens cashier
    4. Barnes & Noble music sales associate
    5. Toys R Us floor sales (the Barbie aisle. Which explains my fear of the color pink)
    6. Newspaper folder
    7. Sylvester the Cat at Six Flags
    8. Waiter at Gunther Toody's (my name was "Buddy")
    9. Barista at Peaberry's
    10. Barista at The Jazzy Bean
    11. Medical Assistant & Phlebotomist
    12. X-Ray tech
    13. Zookeeper/ Arachnologist

    My list doesn't seem as fun :(
    Does volunteering count? I could add a ton of random positions. Radio Base Operator for AIDS walk, spider identification specialist, wheelchair pusher for oncology patients, etc . . .

  2. Chaddy and Matty: You have been tagged. Blog about it.