Friday, September 3, 2010

"Get Judgey"? Done and DONE.

I'm sitting in a booth inside California Pizza Kitchen with Josheleh when I spy my friend Ana walk past outside. We wave -she comes in to say hi. Then she introduces me to the guy she's with (Edwin? Eggbert? Whatever.)

Anyway. Ana at one point had told my sister that after dancing with me one night she felt she needed to take a pregnancy test. Haha. Love it.

So what do I blurt out at Ana immediately after introductions?

"Hey Ana, ever get that PERIOD?"

Hahahahaha. I am so hilarious.

At least that's totally how I feel until I get a message from Ana on Facebook titled "Get Judgey"

So - nerdy or not, this guy scores major points because A) his disdain for flip-flops and B) totally making Ana look like top shelf goods just by comparison. (But mostly A, people. Mostly A)


  1. Thank god it's mostly A...but yes, by comparison, I looked top shelf. ;-)

    On another note: How is Josh's spleen?

  2. And yes, I keep coming back to this post because it keeps cracking me up.

  3. You guys? Are out.of.control. And you two of you together make me veeeery nervous! ;)