Monday, April 26, 2010

Chad and Matt's Night at the Museum

Tonight was a special event at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science: Staff & Volunteer family night for the BodyWorlds exhibit. Woohoo!!

I took Matt and Gina and Chelsea and Davey. It was a total blast!

Even though we had so much fun I have compiled a mental list of things that will make our next plasticized dead body encounter even better because it will be A) hilarious, B) will totally bother those know-it-all science nerds behind me (serously? You're standing there telling your boyfriend about cochlea? I hope this isn't a first date.)(By the way - words like 'acetabulum' don't need to be brought up in casual conversation. Say 'hip socket'. Obscure words are obscure for a reason.)

Oh yeah. My list.

First: Beef jerky will need to be smuggled in. It would bring the queasiness that Davey was experiencing from the realm of mental to physical. Ha!

Second: Matt will be provided with a list of things he's NOT allowed to say. Example: When he sees a heart suspended in a glass case he is NOT allowed to start chanting "Kali Ma". To be fair - I should probably refrain from shouting out "that bifurcated penis just need a couple scoops of ice cream and chocolate syrup and it would look EXACTLY like a banana split!" . . . at least in front of old ladies.

Third: Gina and Davey need those little kid leashes (they totally kept wandering off. We found Gina forever drifting towards deformed organ displays and Davey was usually found on/under a bench)

Fourth: Cocktails beforehand are a must. Let's face it: tipsiness makes a good evening at the museum GREAT!


  1. Looks like you guys had fun!

  2. I saw some controversy about that exhibit. I guess the artist wanted to put some bodies in a few sexual positions and it pissed off some people back in Europe. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  3. Oooh! My brilliant idea was to have two corpses doin' it- but here's the catch: cut them in half so you can see the whole (hole?) thing go down. Purely educational, of course.

  4. I will never eat beef jerkey again.ever.or look at my bellybutton/plunger the same :(