Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I will be efficient.

It's going to be a shit-the-bed-and-roll-around-in-it crazy day at work.

I woke up an hour early to make sure I started my day right

Today I will be ready.

Last night I figured out how to turn on my stove so I could boil water to french press coffee this morning instead of insisting on stopping somewhere.

I also packed a lunch for myself. Rosemary chicken breast and a caesar salad.

Today I will be amazing.

This week we have a visiting zookeeper from the Phoenix Zoo. We have to be incredible for our guest.

Today we also happen to be down to 60% staff (eek!) have like 6 school groups (that's insane, by the way) and a new exhibit hall to prepare in time for it's open house.

Today I will be on time.

When I got to work today (10 minutes early) I walked into the curatorial office and said hello to our visiting zookeeper. She said hello and followed that up with do you not have to go to the all-staff meeting?


Yeah, it started like half an hour ago. Everyone's in the new exhibit hall.


Tomorrow I will be efficient . . .

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  1. should have skipped the coffee and fancy lunch