Saturday, March 27, 2010

Movie Review: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

. . . in 3D!!

My first 3D movie EVER! (What's the big deal??)(Oh - and why is everything coming out in 3D now??)

Anyway. The very second I heard that Tim Burton was making an Alice in Wonderland I was not overjoyed. I love Tim Burton and I LOOOOVE Alice in Wonderland. Know what I don't love? Being trendy.

Now suddenly everyone loves Alice in Wonderland.

Sorry, you pricks. I did first. Me. Not you.

(haha. just kidding.) (Kind of . . . )

Okie. First thing's first - my overall review: phenomonal.

It doesn't follow the book whatsoever and I guess it's not supposed to. It stands on its own and fully owns itself. It's a wonderful spin on a victorian fantasy that's been redone to. death.

That being said - the characters are very true to the original characters. It's like a very believable third installment to Lewis Carrol's first two Alice books.

Also - the Jabberwock is in it! Jabberwocky is a poem written by Lewis Carrol and I don't recall it ever interacting with Wonderland until now.
Also, also - the movie is very dark. It reminded me much more of my favorite video game, American McGee's Alice, than it did the Disney cartoon that most people use for comparisons.

Chad's 2 Lists of 3:

3 Things I disliked about it:
1. The mouse and the dormouse were combined into one character. It bothers me. creepy? sure.
2. Anne Hathaway. I can't stand that bitch anyway. What exactly is wrong with her face? She looks more and more like a charicature every time i see her.
3. Needles being shoved in eyes. A lot. Ouch!

3 Things I liked about it
1. Helena Bonham Carter. If only I had the ability to order around a pair of fat boys for my own entertainment!
2. The Mad Hatter totally looks like Madonna of late
3. Afterwards Matt and I went for a beer, fried cod, and a scotch egg.

Scotch egg: 1 hardboiled egg inside a thick shell of sausage meat that is then deep fried until my chest starts to hurt. Mmmmmmmmm.

(until this morning - then it was more like "what the shit did I eat last night?!?!)

Anyway - on Matt's 5 star movie scale I give it 5 stars and a "Squeeee!"

Go see it.

But not necessarily in 3D. The experience doesn't quite make up for how stupid you'll look in those glasses.

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  1. HEY! i look cool in those glasses!
    Things i liked about Chad's movie review:
    1. he said what i wanted to hear
    2. he included pictures of food to further my fantasies of gluttony and introduce me to a new bizarre way to serve an egg
    3. Clint Eastwood's face (or is that matt?)