Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Days Off

tend to be a bit distracting for others. Because when I'm not working - you shouldn't be either.

For example: today I had to discuss something VERY important with a friend, but she's at work - making spreadsheets, getting those numbers, whatever it is she does - she's doing. So I'm forced to bother her via email.

Dear Lindseypoo,

As you know I would rather walk on my own lips than say something bad about someone. ESPECIALLY someone I don't know - but sometimes one has to make an exception.

It could be that I'm cranky after having to attend a meeting on my day off. It could be that I didn't get much sleep last night. I could be (read: definitely IS) that I lied before and I make fun of people as fast as my mouth will let me . . .

Lets take a look at the gentleman I was just in line behind at starbucks. While he wasn't picking scabs and playing miniature shuffleboard with them on an adjacent table - this guy DID give off such an aura that I dubbed him "Mr. Douche"

I should point out that I love Porsches. I would like to zip around town in my own little porsche! Specifically - a 1955 Speedster.

Matt has promised to keep an eye out for one for me (to add to my array of vehicles wildly inappropriate for Colorado winters).

ANYWAY. What I don't like about porsches is that about half of their drivers are d-bags. You can tell by their appearance how d-baggy they actually are.

Exhibit A: Mr. Douche's Car (yes I took pictures)

Exhibit B: Mr. Douche.
The beanie, the motorcycle jacket, the diesel jeans, would be fine by themselves. The driving gloves?? No. Driving gloves = douche.

Haha! I should have my camera phone taken away!

So, we are in agreement, yes?

I'm off to be productive. And by productive I mean play Plants vs. Zombies.



  1. I know have to question how many pictures of me you have taken when I am not paying attention... and this?!?! makes you a creeper! An amazing, smart, good looking, and hilarous (was that enough sucking up)creeper, but still a creeper!

  2. now... not know... clearly not doing a good job of paying attention at this conference and reading your blog at the same time!

  3. Thanks for making my work day more enjoyable!

  4. Ha ha ha! He comes in all the time, and is... nice? Ok, not really. He's a reserved European D-Bag. Yes...he's European too, come to Colorado to take a six figure job away from an equally qualified American (not that I really have an objection to this action, just that he's, well, not outgoing). I wish I made as much money as he did so I could have the opportunity to drive a Porsche as well. Alas, life has dealt me these cards and I must play for the pot.

    By the way...Terry likes this guy a lot. Teehee. And I can't tell if he's simply European or if he's a friend of Dorothy's as well. The investigation continues.

  5. Hahaha - the European thing TOTALLY jams the gaydar.

    By the way, I love that you think I work with numbers and spreadsheets at work. Ha. Ha. Ha.