Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patrick's Day with Chad

I spent most of St. Patrick's day last year with a little drunk named . . . well, Patrick.

I can't really recall ever having been in the presence of someone so obnoxious about St. Patrick's day as Patrick, the inebriated leprechaun. It pretty much sapped the fun out of my excuse to drink and be merry!
I still did, it just wasn't as fun.

Well this year I decided to take back my holiday! Woo hoo!!

Rundown time, yes?

I showed up for work in my festive green (non uniform) outfit.

I walked in and made my case. It's St. Patrick's day - I don't want to get pinched! Of COURSE I need to wear my festive greens instead of my usual work polo.

But Chad, the work polo is gree - - -

Yeah, so I'm just gonna wear this! Bye!!

(Teehee. Totally taking back my holiday!)

I spent my day at work blending in with my rainforest surroundings and coming to the decision that I don't like green green. If it isn't naturally occurring it makes me sick. I call it "target green". Dark greens, light greens, all that stuff I like. Target green (you know - the color of a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" shirt you'd buy for $7 at Target? It's awful. Do you know why you don't see that color in nature? Because nature has taste.)

Anyway. I then started to take note of people not wearing green. I think most of them did it on purpose in hopes of getting pinched. I suppose this because no one would pinch most of them otherwise.

It's the Irish equivalent of the gross fat guy who hangs out under mistletoe at holiday parties.


Work ended and it was time for some hilarious green beer.

I met up with Chelsea and Davey, Natalie and Josh, and my date for the evening - Zahra.

We started with green beer and the brilliant idea that Zahra needs to document our fun night of all of us together (which doesn't occur as often as it used to) with her iPhone.

Never again.

As Zahra sent me the pictures she took last night I had an imaginary conversation with her that went a little something like this:

Zahra? What the hell is wrong with you? You weren't evening drunk when you took most of these!

Well, you won't smile like a normal person!

Hmmm. Are you saying it's MY fault that THIS picture happened??

Well, it isn't MY fault you look like an idiot. I only take the pictures. I don't mold the models!

Really? Was this brilliant piece of photography something that you felt needed to be documented? Is that the top of my hat bill??

You don't hold still.

Okay - then what about these? You can't get a picture of me looking normal - but EVERY time I gulp something down you're right there?!?!

It's not MY fault you're a drunk.

Fair point.


  1. Chadly, I was wondering how someone could get an all access backstage tour of the butterfly pavillion if they were visiting from out of town with a 5 and 7 year old in oh say about 10 days?

  2. I love that last pic - such a happy drunk. Hello dimples!

  3. Pretty much exactly how the night went! Haha! And that is AWESOME!