Sunday, March 7, 2010

SAVES THE DAY, Then and Now

Matt and I just went to a Saves the Day show.

ACTUALLY it was a New Found Glory show - but Saves the Day is who I was there to see . . .

Matty and I have seen more Saves the Day shows than I can recall with ease, but last night I've noticed that we've entered the realm of the "fun one" when it comes to STD (heehee) concerts.

The "fun one" is a new concept of mine that stems from class pictures. Remember? You started off with the serious one and then you got to do the "fun one"? The pressure is off, everything has been accomplished, now it's time to make an ass out of yourself because you've earned the right?

Well, for 10(ish) years we've been seeing Saves the Day. Last night I realized we were no longer taking our concert experiences seriously. We were doing the "fun one".

Lets compare and contrast, yes?
Then: The show starts at 7pm. We don't end up leaving the house until 7 or later.
Now: The show starts at 7pm. I don't take a shower until 7:30. Then I run to the store for some corn nuts. Matt picks me up at 8:30ish.

Then: Matt and I look like a couple of mouth breathers. (yes, this phone was taken with the super awesome Razor flip phone!!)

Now: The Gothic theatre. Matt and I look gaunt. This isn't the fault of my (equally amazing) iPhone - we literally lost about 40 pounds of water weight while we were there.

Then: We snickered at people who sang along with the band.
Now: I don't beat around the bush. I get right next to them and mock them with or without their knowledge before I inform them "We get it. You know the words."

(Lets face it - only I look good singing someone else's music. Its because I'm aware you need a) a car b) a shower or c) alcohol.)

(Oh, yeah. That last option only applies to me. Alcohol doesn't make you a great singer. Just more annoying.)

Then: I used to convince Matt to get more drinks while he tried to convince me to get more numbers
Now: I try to bribe Matt to sexually harass a female cop my stroking her baton and referencing her handcuffs while Matt dares me to grab the fat girl in front of us by the love handles and say "Boy! You're thick!!" while giving them a good shake.

Then: We actually watched the show.
Now: We listened from the balcony while I decided it was hot enough to tie my shirt in a caribbean knot. Matt thought it was hilarious until I actually did it.

(Matt's jealous of my abs.)

(I'm jealous of Matt's arms)

What the hell was I talking about??

Oh yeah. Saves the Day concerts.

Basically, we're getting old, but totally having fun doing it. So there, fuckers.

P.S. Saves the Day is Matt's favorite band and I'm beginning to accept them as mine.
P.P.S. They've always been my second favorite band, behind the Dance Hall Crashers, but I think DHC is done for :(
P.P.P.S. If you have no idea who I'm talking about then that isn't acceptable and you need to let me email some songs.
P.P.P.P.S. Just sayin'

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  1. Why aren't there any pictures of you in the Caribbean knotted t-shirt?!?!