Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's the Buzz?

Dear Stupid Chad,

Just so you don't make the same blunder twice, I feel I should make you aware of how a normal grown-up person's mind works.

When a coworker approaches you at work and says "Hey Chad, what's the buzz?" he means "what's going on?" . . .

He does not want you to explain: Well, that buzz you hear is our new bee swarm! It's kind of a pathetic bee swarm if you ask me. I mean, I don't even know if a queen is in there! Who drops off a new bee colony outside right before a snow storm?? Stupid! We tried to coax most of the workers in with honey and it worked for some, but . . . i dunnooooo . . ."

And for the love of GOD, Chad - don't see a puzzled look on this coworkers face and interpret it as "please, go on"

I think we should just get a nuc swarm. We'd get a couple pounds of bees and a marked queen. A marked queen!!

Lastly, Chad - when you see someone inching away from you, let them go and by no means continue talking, but at a volume that increases with their distance.

I hope you put this information to good use.

Smarter Chad

P.S. Maybe consider getting a life...


  1. Haha! I now have had a lot of questions answered for myself... I feel like that event, but revolving around education, has taken place many times with you and I.

  2. This totally made me giggle out loud (gol?). You're just so enthusiastic about your bees, I heart you.

  3. Smarter Chad should shut up, I like stupid Chad. If you work in a place where they keep Bees you should not be allowed to use the onomonopia Buzz in any context not related to bees.

  4. Oh Chad!

    You're awesome!!!

    LOVE YOU!!!

  5. hehe Chad, I happen to love both of you. Actually after reading that blog twice I keep going back to the part that says "don't see a puzzled look on this coworker's face and interpret it as please go on." I am suddenly realizing that I know that face very well!! It is the very face I see looking back at me with some regularity! Please copy me on that letter you sent to yourself, I think I need reminded, too!

    Love you!