Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Green Eyes are Showing

So, I've been passively looking for a new place to live and I've stood my ground with my insistance that I only require two things. A big bed and a big closet. Anything else is either a bonus or something I can do without . . .

That being said, while searching LoDo all day yesterday for the perfect place for Matty to begin his new college-graduate life with a bang, I realized that the thought of me enjoying some of the amazing views was making me giddy in a way that I usually only reserve for old cars and new shoes! (Did that sound as gay as I feel it did?)

Don't get me wrong - I've always appreciated a good view of the city, but I think that because I've been exiled to the suburbs for an ungodly amount of time I'm starving for one.

Take this picture, for example. I took it from the 14th floor of The Curtis, a retro comic style hotel on the bottom with cheap housing for students on top. It's on the edge of Denver's theatre district and sports a pretty nice view.

Can't you totally picture yourself lounging around your apartment at night, perhaps wandering to your window with a cup of green tea in your bathrobe and exposing yourself to the rich pricks living in The Four Seasons across the street? I know - I can too!

And if I work on my throw I'll bet I could pelt people coming out of Hotel Teatro with snowballs from my window ledge. (By the way, I realize that Teatro is one of LoDo's nicest hotels, but does it remind anyone else of the firehouse from Ghostbusters??)

It's a nice thought, but I'm not going to limit myself to a LoDo highrise - suicidal heights or not, I'll continue my search in Wash Park, Baker, or maybe Capital Hill - Denvers neighborhoods known for their unparalleled views of terrible street parking and public drunkeness . . .

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