Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jerkin' Around in the Antique Mall

Today Matty and I went to grab some sushi for lunch and decided to stop by the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall afterwards to see if I could find anything hilarious to give Natalie and Josh for their wedding. We ended up "stopping by" for over 4 hours . . .

I have never seen so much Nazi paraphernalia or blatantly racist tshatshkes in one building. (I'm totally going back to buy Matt a "Mammie" cookie jar - is that wrong of me?)

There are some legitimately awesome things there! We actually got some cool stuff - a straight razor, some toy cars, old VW ads that I can frame and hang on my painfully white walls!

But my favorite part of the day was just joking around the mammoth antique mall with Matty.

Here's Matt making me laugh!

(Matt and I are both Team Lucy)

Here's Matt creeping me out . . .

(He called it FDR's office chair)

Then it was on to business. Wedding presents for Natalie!

(Well . . . at least something to wrap up and give her and watch her face when she opens it)

Here are a few highlights

Mrs. Butterworth lamp? I'd probably end up just keeping it for myself...
Question: What is scarier than this clown?

Answer: This clown.

This is Matty standing next to a very large bust of Beethoven. (Matt is the one on the left)
Well, we've found Natalie's wedding gift. This strange, crotch-level granny statue. I only hope she doesn't already have one.

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  1. You guys are bad! And great...but bad. And yes, I laughed quite a bit. Where is this antique mall anyhow?