Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Matt and Chad Fight Hate in Their Own Ways

Today I got to see the results of a photo campaign that I went to with Chelsea and Zahra. I don't remember anything very eventful happening. Except the guy painting "NO H8" on my face kept calling me "baby" and telling me how cute I was - and while I was actually standing in front of those bright lights, following instructions to look this way, tilt that way, and tugging down my Hugo Boss v-neck so you could get a good gander at the tooth around my neck. . . uhhh. I forgot what I was taking about . . .

oh yeah. (sometimes I need a trail of breadcrumbs to get back to my original point)
While I'm standing there under the lights and being blinded by flashes my pocket was vibrating like mad.

When I walked away from my white background and into reality I pulled the duct tape from my 5 day beard growth (ouchy) and checked my phone.

While I'm campaigning against hate, Matt is solving it on his own.

Maybe people would like Haiti more if it were called Likey

That's what my phone was vibrating at me.

Oh, Matt. This is why you're my bestie. Text messages like this.


  1. I love reading your blog Chaddy, and this post..what a good thing it is !!

  2. I just about peed myself when I got to Matt's text. I can see why the two of you are friends! What are the odds that there are TWO minds like that roaming the earth? And in COLORADO no less? Must be the altitude.