Friday, February 12, 2010

Matt's Crazy Theory #1

I grew up watching the Indiana Jones movies, particulary the Temple of Doom. For those of you who may not recall, the movie takes Indy on an adventure through the orient, on a plane which is then abandoned mid-flight to a remote village in India. The villagers have these three egg-shaped stones that were stolen by the creepy guy in the Temple of Doom who is busy leading cultish chants, force feeding the hypnotized victims blood-like hallucinogenic juices and ripping out their hart through their ribcage, and dipping the victims down into a firey pit of fire.


I was more thinking back to the 'McGuffin' of the movie the three glowing rocks. These rocks, when combined, would start to heat up and glow white hot until they caused a fire. You may recall at the end of the movie Indy is making his getaway with the 3 stones across the rope bridge, when the stones catch fire! It was only when the stones were in close proximity.


This leads to my theory. Being as it is perpetually winter here in Colorado, I thought about designing a suit with a number of long, tube-shaped compartments. Each of these large compartments would hold 1 wiener dog. 1 person may need 4 or 5 total wiener dogs inserted into these compartments all over their body to create enough warmth to survive the Colorado winter (assuming you don't want to contract Ricketts by staying inside for 8 months out of the year). This design concept led me to wonder that if like in the Temple of Doom, you got too many wiener dogs together and a person or wearer of the suit, may spontaneously combust, contracting 2nd and 3rd degree burns to the wearer of the suit (the wiener dogs will be fine). You then would fall off a rope bridge to hungry crocodiles below. Hmm, something to think about...


  1. Weird! The second I read "wiener dog suit" I thought to myself: but what about combustion?
    It's the most logical path for the thought process to follow methinks.

    Great minds brother!

  2. i'd like to order a weiner dog suit, please, especially today, my toes are trying to crawl inside my body (does the suit come in burgandy?)

  3. PS (letter from the editor) HEART and FIERY (I, personally, love the part with the tunnel leading to the stones. . . "dat not fohtune cookie. . .AAAAAHHHHH!)