Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lapsing Into a Food Coma

Last Saturday I woke up to a text message from Natalie suggesting lunch at Parisi, my absolute favorite Italian place. I'm in.

I showered and went to my sister's to do laundry (for free) and waited in anticipation for Zahra to meet me.

Zahra and I met Natalie and Josh at Parisi at noon.

I ordered a mammoth plate of creamy pesto gnocchi. Half way through my plate I got the inkling of being full. So I pushed my plate back because I TOTALLY need a canoli and I have to leave room.

But that gnocchi is so good! One more bite - just to have the taste in my mouth again.

Maybe one more.

One more.

Crap. I ate all that gnocchi. Now I'm full!

Natalie: Want to get some dessert?
Chad: Absolutely, I do! (Hey, I don't want to disappoint her!)

Zahra, Natalie, and I walk up to the grocery end and eye the canolis, the tirimisu, the macaroons, and Natalie remembers that she needs to pick up a balsamic glaze. While she's waiting I make my way around the corner to find Zahra picking out gelato.

She's sampling and I don't want to be seen as some kind of frozen treat lurker - I'll sample too!

Chad: Could I try the bittersweet chocolate? And maybe the sea salt caramel?

I taste them.

Chad: Could I get a scoop of each?

I sneak back over to Natalie.

Natalie: I thought you were getting a canoli.
Chad: I am! (Like I said - just trying not to disappoint Natalie) I'll take a canoli please.
Zahra: (Having just followed me around the corner) You're getting two desserts after you ate all that gnocchi?!?!

My eyes darted from Zahra to Natalie and finally to the cashier, who was eyeing my slightly showing food baby.

Chad: Oh Zahra! Of course not! I'm only thinking of Josh here! He's all alone at the table. He NEEDS some dessert.

I ran back to the table and shoved canoli and gelato in my mouth before anyone could question which one was for Josh.

Zahra had gelato. Natalie and Josh split a canoli. I had a heaping pile of shame.

Thank GOD I didn't have to feel it for long because I felt the food coma that only a stomach stretched to its limits with Italian can bring coming on.

Off to do a few wedding errands.

Then off to Old Chicago for an afternoon cocktail. It's mainly for Josh, who has been such a good sport during wedding planning. I'm probably going to sip an iced tea. Maybe one beer

Waitress: Can I get you guys someth---
Chad: I'll have a Sunshine Wheat!

Just trying to drown my food baby here, people.

20 minutes later . . .

Waitress: Is everyone doing oka---
Chad: I'll have another Sunshine please. And some pepperoni rolls.
Natalie: Are you kidding me?
Chad: What? They're for everyone!

The plate of pepperoni rolls arrived. It was like I was bobbing for apples. Except instead of water there were pepperoni rolls. And there were no apples.

The rest of my day was spent in the most severe food coma I have experienced since Matt and I ate our way through Oktoberfest in Breckenridge.

Not a bad day.


  1. sounds like my typical sunday afternoon. . .you own that food coma! you earned it!