Monday, February 15, 2010


In this economy....


Right away sir.... the bathroom is this way... can I help load that in your car?'s my turn to empty the trash again? Absolutely, I'll wear blaze orange everyday.... Chad and me and a LOT of other people these days are stuck working jobs for far less than their potential.

Where 40 years ago, companies were hiring right out of college, these days you have to claw your way out, grappling to each stepping stone as if is your only hope - and it might just be.

I recently was offered a better job with potential - after 2 interviews months ago, printing resumes, portfolios, touring factories, countless emailing and a little networking. Because of the (maybe temporary) nature of the new job, I couldn't justify leaving my current, lesser, job. I had to have a meeting with the head manager at my current job.

The Jaba-the-Hut-esqe man proceeded to give my both financial advice and general life advice when all I asked for was a temporary schedule change. Thank you for the unsolicited advice you 300-lb douchebag.

This all goes back to the difference between a job and a career. These people have settled. They have decided to make their job their career. That's fine I suppose. In a way I envy these people, they are happy working for $9.00/hr. And we need people to clean our bathrooms, empty garbage, be cashiers and unload trailers full of merchandise etc. etc. Jobs only leave the career-bound restless and hungry for more.

I feel sorry for those who get backed into a corner financially and have no other choice, but there are those out there who can do better. A co-worker of mine has been working this job for 10 years! My restlessness/dissatisfaction has spread to her thinking and now she is looking for something better.

So don't huddle in a corner everyone, keep looking, don't lose your motivation people!


  1. You think I'm working below my potential?? Bless your heart! If you ever want any big favors now is TOTALLY the time to ask!