Friday, February 19, 2010

Matt and Chad

You know - those little chipmunks from Disney?
Have you ever wondered how they came to be such a pair? More to the point - why the more straight laced Chip would put up with the seemingly more immature Dale?

I think that they balance each other out.

Oooooh!! Or like Peter and Sidney from "I Love You, Man"!

(Awesome movie!) There's the career and relationship oriented Peter and his complimentary buddy Sidney - the guy with a puggle and a masturbation station.

They have a lot of common interests and enjoy the other's company - but their personalities are completely opposite.

Such is the case of Matt and myself.

I give you email correspondence from today between Matt and me...

From Chad to Matt. 2/19/10 8:49 am

Hey Bub-

Well, here I am at the Dodge dealership. Since no one in the free world carries after market battery cables or splicing kits large enough for a Dodge Ram- I'm here having the terminal repaired.

The last time I was here was awkward for me- remember?

We were next door at the VW dealer to drop off your car for service after hours- but we didn't have a pen to fill out the drop-off form?

So I came over here to borrow a pen and they couldn't believe how bold I was?


More awkward than that.

I'm wandering around inside, waiting for the service department to come get me, when this sleazy car salesman struts up to me (reaching chin level so I got a perfect view of the BAD dye job of his oily hair)...

In mid-beeline to me he breezes past the girl at reception.

"Hold all my calls! They can wait while I help this gentlemen pick out his DREAM"


He can't be talking about me right??

Crap. He totally is.

After politely telling him to scram (Chad: Get outta here!) I got sad. I totally could have killed time telling him that I need a vehicle to go with my "Tough girls have tough toys" bumper sticker!

Hindsight is 20/20 my friend.

So out comes my cell phone so I can sit in a chair and not be bored INSTEAD of wandering around the sales sharks waiting for one of us to walk away annoyed.



How's the job going? Get any mannequins to take home yet? Save one for me

Sent from my iPhone

From Matt to Chad. 2/19/10 8:23 pm


Work is going good. They won't let me take home any broken mannequin parts. My job is to make a negative mold of the original sculpture then to take a mold of that negative to make a positive "master". The master is then highly polished and finished to then make a tool. The tool then makes thousands of units. Right now I am working on a project for Nike. I molded Ronaldo Cristiano from a clay sculpture. Pretty fun. It is a mandatory 48 hour week with as much overtime as possible. If I end up staying there after 2 months, there will be lots of hours.

Talk to you later.


From Chad to Matt. 2/19/10 10:01 pm

Remember when I wanted to get that kit to make a dildo from my penis so I could mail it to Heather for her birthday! (Should STILL totally do it . . .)
Your job sounds just like that!!!

Call me when you get a second to breathe. I'll be feeding spiders. Or making penis molds. Maybe even looking up who Ronaldo Cristiano is . . .

Bis bald!

See what I mean?

P.S. It turns out that Ronaldo is a soccer player from Portugal (or something)

P.S.S. With a six pack that I totally wish I had (I wish in one hand and cram Doritos down my throat with the other)
P.S.S. Oh. And he's 4 years younger than me. (Which means he's pretty much a little prick. I hope Matt gives that mannequin a tremendously small bulge.)


  1. So... One question: Why do you want broken mannequin parts? Just wondered...

    And by the way, we all want a body like his. I'm sitting here drinking a grande white mocha (400 calories), eating nuts (385 calories, 16g fat (good fat right?)), chomping down chips (200 calories a serving and I've had 2 servings already) and I'm still planning on eating dinner somewhere... I should forgo that extra food and think about doing a hard hour of excersize... Must acquire an adonis' body... ::Sigh::

  2. Here's a thought: Why not just ADD ice cream to your binge? It IS snowing out. The double whammy of cold will kick your metabolism into high gear and it'll be JUST like working out! Trust me - I overheard it from a guy that is clearly *ahem* very big in the fitness community...
    and by fitness I mean just the community in general...