Saturday, December 12, 2009

At the Movies . . .

At the movies some people like to talk through the entire thing.
At the movies some people prefer to fool around in the dark of a theatre surrounded by strangers.
And finally - at the movies some people can't control their curiosity and find it necessary to fill their box of Milk Duds to the brim with butter substitute. . .

Guess which camp I belong to.
Ahhh. Every trip to the movies is another step on my path to a quadruple bypass.

(P.S. Don't try it. Totally not worth it.)


  1. that's why I never see a movie opening day! fat bitches think they're in their living room had something to say about everything and nearly ruined Gran Torino for me! Should've thrown my box o' butter at them!

  2. Butter Duds, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I'm so glad you photographed this. Now I see what you mean about the all-accessible "butter" (sarcastic air quotes) pump. God bless America. (Take THAT Kirk Cameron)