Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trailer Park Chic

I had such a fun day today. I ditched work at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science today to go kick it with Matt. I fully needed a day of play.

Matty and I schlepped down to Glendale today to scoop Gina up from work and take her to lunch. It was here - hovering around Colorado Blvd. that I realized that I have a large streak running through myself that I like to call "Trailer Park Chic" (Or "White Trash Elegant"?)

My first choice of having trashy lunch with strippers at Shotgun Willie's was vetoed, so we ended up going to Go Fish - a sushi restaurant I have been obsessed with ever since Natalie and I drank too much sake at Zahra's birthday dinner and I did inappropriate things to an eel . . .


While we're sitting there having a nice lunch (feeling very chic) I can't stop thinking about how we should all really run across the street to The Crypt, and pick up some awesome Christmas theme bondage accessories (feeling very trailer park). We brought Gina back to work with a to-go box of the spider rolls I couldn't finish before we were off to the Cherry Creek Mall so I could pick up Matt's graduation present.
(I got him a swiss army knife. It's one of the most random things there - but Matt is a bitch to shop for and I know he'd never buy a swiss army knife from Tiffany's for himself)

People! I breezed into Tiffany & Co with an air of inexhaustible class! I swear that if I had looked around instead of staring confidently straight ahead in my best "I'm so smooth" stance I would've seen shoppers gasp as I strode by. Totally chic.
Then what do I slap down as method of payment???

Oh. Yeah, that's totally trailer park. (seeing the theme yet?)

We went to have Matt's professional portfolio printed up. We took it back to Matt's house to assemble it. There was a picture of Matt doing some welding on my bus. My Gertrude is part of a portfolio!! Very Chic. Before I could stop myself I blurted out "You know what you should've put in there?! My tattoo that you drew!!"
Trailer Park people. Trailer. Park.

Then it was time for us to knock out the "Honey Do" list that Gina left for Matt. I hung artwork in Matt and Gina's guest room. Chic. I followed that up with picking up dog poop outside. Trailer Park.

Matty wanted to get some BBQ for dinner. I don't particularly like the meat used for barbecue because I eat too fast to deal with working around a bone and I have found, time and again, that anything pulled or chunk form is comprised of mostly gristle and maybe a chicken foot claw. However, I advocate second chances so I went and got happily ordered a chicken sandwich and a "ball of fries". Me being the bigger person and having barbecue with Matt? Chic. (Just as long as you disregard the "ball of fries" part). Me smashing my sandwich into the table top after discovering a clear piece of "meat" in my half chewed bite that looked like a dying sea anemone? Trailer park.

Then we grabbed some Buffalo Gold and plopped ourselves down in front of Matt's Wii so we could play Super Mario Brothers 3. This, people? is neither "trailer park" nor "chic" it's just plain fun. Damn fun!!!

(Sidenote: I usually protest playing video games with people (Patrick - I'm talking to you...) because this? Is apparently the face I get when I play. It gets even scarier when time is running out or I need to jump really far. Terrifying.)

Matt rocked the Tanooki suit while I was partial to the frog suit. I advise everyone to run, right now, and dig out their old school Nintendo games. Nothing brings out the kid in you like the sheer joy of that third triumphant jump on King Koopa (or one of his bastard little children!)

And nothing else
in your life seems to matter when you experience the anguish of falling into a pit when the end of the level is in clear sight.


  1. I'm so jealous! I wanna play Mario on a screen that size!! (I would so whop both you boys in Mario 3!!<-- well spent youth) as for your chic/trailer, you're so versatile!! (I didn't even know there was such thing as a Hooter's card!)

  2. I heart you so much - this is so you!