Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Night With the Ladies

Tonight I went out for dinner (read: drinks) with my best vagina-clad friends Natalie and Zahra. Natalie had her fiance Josh and Zahra brought the new love of her life - her job. In spirit, anyway.

We started off with dinner (read: light rail ale) at Wynkoop Brewery before we went for Fado's for cocktails (read: even more drinks) before going back to my apartment.

I feel that I should drink more often.
Correction: I feel that I should drink heavily more often because I'm much more observant when I drink. I have come to realize two very interesting facts about myself with every passing swig of Blue Moon.

1. Tonight I realized that when I walk down the street and I'm listening to headphones, passersby must think I've suffered a discrete ankle injury. This may sound strange - but hear me out. I can be listening to normal music and walking casually down the sidewalk when all of a sudden a new song comes on. A feisty song with attitude. Well, I can't casually walk to that! I must strut. Strut your sassy self along with those sassy tunes, Chad! But people watching just see me seamlessly go from casual walk to strut with attitude. Or as they see it - "Did he just turn his ankle?"
Very sad. And If I hadn't washed down my wonderful pale ale with wheat beer I may never had noticed.

I kept my observation under wraps. Natalie, Zahra, and Josh don't need any more ammo against me.

2. When I'm drunk I find that I get very passionate about very, VERY boring topics that I normally don't care about. Example? Okie!
Tonight's discussion that was anchored heavily by my unbridled passion was transfer credits as an undergrad. You can't take as many credits as you want at a junior college and then transfer to a real university to take one class so you can graduate from said university with a 4.0! I told you. Boring. Yet I was talking about it like it was better than the sex I had last night!

Oh alcohol. You don't make life more interesting, but you sure make me enjoy the mundane a little better.

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